Everyone wants to see a tiger!  Well, thats true when you are sitting in the safety of your vehicle . But when on foot, trying to collect firewood or grazing your cattle in the peripheral forests of tadoba national park in Maharashtra, encountering tigers may not necessarily be a good thing. Even though people and tigers have lived together for centuries in these parts , every year tiger attacks happen. And in one period it spiked up to 20 deaths annually.


Reason – Tadoba became a protected area  more than a decade ago–  tigers did so well under protection that they began to spread out  to adjoining reserve forests – tigers were living in places where people weren't expecting them.


Without the knowledge of their presence , people continued to behave like there were no predators around. And  that lead to a series of fatal disasters. 

Two scientists studied these attacks and found a pattern. There were 4 Scenarios that lead to these fatal encounters.

Based on their findings , they recommended changes in behaviour when people ventured into tiger habitats. The results were amazing. Tiger attacks have come down dramatically.