a Cookery show

may help save our fish population

In south India , about 10 species of fish account for 70% of all seafood consumption. And  yet this wasn't the case a couple of decades ago.

People's eating habits have changed,   shaped by many factors , mainly through marketing trends. Now that’s putting a lot of pressure on a few species. Enough pressure to warrant a status upgrade in IUCN’s threatened list.

Trying to stop people from eating fish was going to be impossible, maybe not even necessary. What was important was to try and reduce the pressure on these species.

We partnered with INSEASON FISH , a non profit  working towards the same goal:  to find ways of encouraging change . Maybe we just had to remind people about the other varieties of fish that were as delicious - people have been eating them for centuries. 

We set out to find some wonderful recipes using less popular fish. Many of them were family traditions that were passed on from generation to generation.  we created a cookery show. But the show was different. It also carried a message.

We used animations to explain how  fish are caught and why it is not necessarily sustainable.  As they learnt to cook, people also a learnt little about where their fish came from.

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