Fishing palkbay

The world’s fish populations have dropped by half since the 1970’s : The biggest cause:  Unsustainable fishing practices.


We wanted to find out whether traditional fishing practices were in any way more sustainable than modern methods.


Of course traditional practices are more sustainable. Thats because they operate at a subsistence levels – they are small scale. In contrast Mechanized Trawlers work at a much  larger scale, they feed a majority of the consumer base: sustainability is often compromised when scale is  involved. But it wasn’t the scale alone that was the problem. It was  the method itself – It all came down to how much of the days catch was used as food and how much was wasted.

Traditional fishing methods are very selective and efficient.

But the story doesn’t end there . Modernization in fishing methods  may have taken its toll on the environment , but so many livelihoods are attached to the fishing industry. The local people have watched  the palk bay deteriorate at a deadly rate and acknowledge that things have to change. Isn't that the first step to a change - acknowledging the need for it ?

Watch Fishing Palk Bay

So the question of why so many You Tube views. We analysed the metrics of the video and found that the film became very popular in south east asia – especially the Philippines . Reason being many of the traditional methods used here  in India are being used there too. There is a connection and we find that amazing.