Fundraising Films 

Fundraising films require special treatment. They need to a few things at the same time  - explain, build trust, convince and also justify. Overwhelming responsibility isn't it. Thankfully there time are time tested structures that work very well. We have researched hundreds of films that have successfully raised money and extracted the best traits from them. Now we have a game plan that we can apply to your film.


Promotional films help organisations showcase their capacities, infrastructure and achievements. 

example & benefits

Project film highlight achievements and results . They can be used as a report for funding agencies and partner organisations, for fundraising and to showcase your work to the public

example & benefits

Why us ​

we work with international channels and big brands. We understand how they achieve success in their communication and we apply that to your films

Research organisations and Non-profits are built on credibility - As documentary filmmakers we are very careful about maintaining accuracy of information. We delicately balance promotional messaging without overstepping factual accuracy.

We are strong in digital media campaigns. We can advice on best practices for social media and if needed help setup a media campaign.