About Us

At Evanescence, we believe that scientific and non-profit organizations deserve more visibility and importance than they are given. Much of the good things we enjoy and most of the beneficial work to humanity and the environment originates from these organizations. While the work they do is very important, they can do better at communication and that is where we can help.

We have worked with major brands and international television networks. This experience has given is valuable insights in communication, using films as the medium. With the explosion is mobile phone use, high speed internet and digital / social media platforms – films have more power to reach out than one can imagine. We want to help organizations and individuals like you achieve success and recognition by harnessing this power.

Evanescence studios was founded by Sara, a wildlife biologist and film-maker who has worked with numerous international networks and brands. The combination of the science education and the filmmaking career inspired him to start this endeavor.  

Our Clients